My Alias? A 99 Cent Coffee Drinker

Here is last week in an efficient and easy to read list:

1) Monday I got yet another 99 cent iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. I think I’m addicted – whether to the coffee or the price though, I am unsure.

Rachel making a sign to go on Shawn's window asking if he'll let us out early.

Rachel making a sign to go on Shawn’s window asking if he’ll let us out early.

2) Tuesday I was going to start CrossFit (yes, I know … hardcore), but I hurt my shoulder/back in some office shenanigans the Friday before (let’s just say it involved getting out of work early, a cookie taped to a piece of paper and me walk/running while acting as a lookout).

3) Wednesday was hump day. I saw no camels, but I did watch the trailer of Mockingjay Part 1 … again … for like the hundredth time. I can’t wait. Seriously.

4) Thursday my editor Rachel discovered Spotify for the first time. I think she’s in love.

5) Thursday I finished my video for CrossFit Regeneration! Check it out here.

6) Also on Thursday I officially accepted a job at Peake Media as a staff writer! I shall be starting as soon as I graduate/my grades for the summer semester come out (now all I need to do is pass). I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family – could not have done it without you people. But most of all, I must thank God: I would not have a job right out of college if it weren’t for my Savior and Lord. Also, it’s nice to be able to plan for the future (as in visits to home and what stories I have due in December)!

7) Friday I began my Alias weekend marathon (I just started watching the show this past week and I am too embarrassed to tell you how many episodes I watched this weekend … Let’s just say it was over 20). Oh, and Carol and I tried to open my window as it has been painted shut. But to no avail.

8) Saturday consisted of Alias (I love Vaughn), food, icing my back and Carol’s brave mother crawling under the house to turn the water on so our fridge can make ice. Unfortunatley it still doesn’t make ice, but Mrs. Bolton was super impressive that morning as I was standing in the kitchen, listening to her instruct Carol through the floorboards.

My video for CrossFit Regeneration.

My video for CrossFit Regeneration.

9) Sunday was full of church and Alias, and some homework. I finish class next week! Guess who’s excited?!?!

So what’s up for this week? Well, Rachel and Shawn – my publisher – are on vacation. Tyler, my editor-in-chief, is at the PGA tournament game thing today. So there’s only a few of us holding down the fort. And I can only guarantee you two things: work will be gotten done (as I have my September features due) and shenanigans will be had. That is all.


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